Available at Abode in Half Moon Bay, CA

I wrap stones in natural cane using Japanese basketry and knotting techniques. By carefully selecting the stones from beaches and trails, I choose those with specific characteristics and wrap them to enhance their size, color and form. The combination of stone and cane aims to evoke a sense of tranquility and appreciation for nature. The art of wrapping requires a peaceful environment. Not only does this technique enhance the natural beauty of the stones, it also symbolizes the importance of relationships and nature, emphasizing simplicity and calmness. My intention is to inspire the same sense of appreciation where the stones are placed.

There are endless possibilities for using and decorating with wrapped stones, including in meditation spaces, as remembrance, to add positivity, and to inspire creativity in any setting. They look stunning when placed in a bowl on a coffee table. I encourage you to pick them up, and feel them and embrace the intention for which they were made with.