About Paulette...

Art is healing. Food is healing. I bring these two together for you.
I started photographing food shortly after graduating from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, British Columbia. I was raised to enjoy and appreciate good food and to be curious about it. I have never wanted to stop learning about it, especially the healing aspects of nourishing, real food. I want to share this fascination with you.  I believe that food defines so much more than just being something to satiate our hunger. It is something we all know, we rely on it to live, we need it to survive. Yet as our lives become more complicated we tend to become more disconnected from our plates. My photography is fueled by my desire to alleviate this disconnect. I share my enthusiasm and appreciation by focusing on the vibrant colors, shapes and forms of whole, real, nourishing food
I source the fruits, vegetables and flowers in my photographs from local farms.  A majority from Fifth Crow Farm and Potrero Nuevo Farm, both on the coast in Half Moon Bay, California.
Join me on this colorful journey!